Return Policy


In order to make a difference in the interests of customers when buying, we apply the return policy as follows:
I / General provisions
Customers can exchange new products of the same type if the product has problems that can not be fixed (due to technical error of the manufacturer). Product is subject to change without prior notice and is subject to the conditions below.

II / Policy Applying Conditions:
1. Time of use: – Not more than 01 day for products
2. Products eligible for renewal must satisfy the following conditions:
– No error in form (scratch, scratch, mottled, yellowish, broken …)
– Full packaging, foam, … (except in cases where the goods are PVC plastic film packaging)
– Having all supporting documents such as purchase documents, purchase invoices, warranty cards, catalogs …
– Fully equipped with accessories, gifts (if any), ..
3. If the above conditions are not satisfied, the right to change the goods belongs to the company
4. Transportation costs … customers must bear the company’s regulations (if any).


If you find a product that does not conform to the model, standard or product has been repaired, is no longer available, can return the goods and get a refund of 100% of the deposit or payment.