Warranty Policy

Warranty conditions:
– During the warranty period stated in the warranty card, the products of the manufacturer will be warranty, repair, replacement parts for free, for all errors by the manufacturer with the condition of using the bottle. often.
– Products are guaranteed to be genuine, installed, used in accordance with the instructions.
– Warranty can only be made when the customer presents to the warranty officer of the Warrant Officer to fill out the detailed information.

The case is not covered for free
– Do not show warranty card when repairing
– The information on the warranty card is incomplete, does not match the actual product
– Errors due to transportation, natural disasters, chemical use, or fallen product, caused by external forces
– Failure to do so by improper installation, use, improper handling, failure to follow the instruction manual, or warnings displayed on the product.
– Errors of natural wear and tear when used or due to environmental conditions where the product is not suitable
After the warranty period the customer must pay the cost to the manufacturer!